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All Buderus oil and gas boilers for your home including parts, troubleshooting and efficiency! Buderus 500, Buderus 600, Boulter Bonus, Boulter Economy Combi and Eco System

Welcome to Buderus Boilers Guide! If you are looking for an information about Buderus boilers, you have come to the right place.  We have gathered here all necessary info about Buderus brand. You will find here company history, current models compare, information about efficiencies and most common issues. You will be able to exchange your experiences and ask questions in the FAQ forum section as well as you can follow information about current spare parts or some troubleshooting procedures

Buderus Boilers

Buderus boilers Ltd was found in 1825 as a heating solutions manufacturer. Buderus boilers Ltd was providing heating systems and hot water mostly for commercial use so to museums, schools, hotels, hospitals and countless of businesses across the whole Europe for nearly 3 centuries. Buderus boilers was was recently acquired by Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating Group keeping further the top energy efficient solution producer for  non-domestic sector. Buderus is a brand present in 50 countries and 3 continents with main manufacturing sites in Germany and US.

Buderus boilers by way of Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating Group provides gas and oil condense boilers, wall hung boilers , floor standing boilers, heat distribution unit reliable in commercial and industrial functionality and low in cost. Uniquely for commercial and industrial solutions all traditional heating solutions can be combined with the solar thermal technology. The output rage starts at 78 kW and goes up to 1200 kW for commercial and 38000 kW for industrial solutions models which are provided with a standard 2 year warranty.

Choosing Buderus boiler

Buderus boilers company has a reputation of reliable commercial and industrial boilers manufacturer. In order to meet customer needs and find a right boiler for your business you can follow the model compare section of our site or/and contract Buderus boilers sales representative. When speaking to sales representative you will need to provide information about size and purpose of your real estate, number of floors, insulation grading, type of isolation if any, desired functionality- hot water and heating or just one solution. Buderus boilers are being installed and commissioned within several days only.

Common Issues

Like all other commercial/industrial boilers, Buderus boilers may experience some of the the most common issues that include:

  • leakage that can be easily fixed by a system water re-fill via relief valve
  • need simple re-fill
  • GB142/45 and G115 are known for being very sensitive to gas/power supply or dirt in the fuel or in the system. the require minimum yearly vacuum and proper commissioning in order to ignite without issues
  • 15-20 years old models are known for becoming out of control for heating demands due to room thermostat failures that should be exchanged after around 8 years from installation

Buderus boilers are also known by its noisier compared to commercial use functionality, so if you plan to purchase small commercial output boiler for domestic use you should consider placing it in a separate room far from bedrooms.

It is prohibited by law to work on a classified (oil or gas) appliance without having proper qualifications. You will need to have a qualified specialist to work on your appliance: Gas Safe Registered for gas and oil boilers


You are free to use troubleshooting manual when you experience any issues with your boiler. Whenever you experience an issues with your appliance contact customer service immediately.

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