Buderus Boilers Guide

All Buderus oil and gas boilers for your home including parts, troubleshooting and efficiency! Buderus 500, Buderus 600, Boulter Bonus, Boulter Economy Combi and Eco System

Boiler Efficiency and Types

Boiler Efficiency

Whenever you are considering new boiler purchase, especially the one for the commercial or/and industrial use you should check the efficiency rates of different models/brands. The official site for boiler efficiencies compare will help you to decide or a purchase that offers long term savings or gas, oil and electricity bills.  The higher efficiency is (A+ is the highest) better/cheaper the boiler is. Nowadays new models provide efficiencies of A and B rating, some models next to A or B level on gas/electricity provide A or B levels on water usage. Long term decision should be based on how reliable particular model is, length of the warranty and the efficiencies level itself. Buderus boilers provide efficiencies at the level of 90% for commercial use which is pretty unique for commercial and industrial boilers (complete builings of flats, museums, sport stations etc). Modernization of existing hot water/ heating system should be taken into consideration when the old boiler had to be troubleshoot more than twice during last 12 months and the differences between efficiencies rates provided by old and new system exceed 15%. Don’t hesitate to contact Buderus boilers customer service to ask for advisory visit or/and quotation

Boiler types, installation and warranty

Buderus produces boilers for commercial and industrial use, however some of the models may be accommodated for domestic use, it is often observed in a case of big, more than 2 store houses in the mountains or other not easily accessible areas where oil fire boilers are an excellent solution. For commercial use you can choose one of the floor standing boilers either condensing or high efficiency with outputs starting at 78 kW and finishing at around 1200 kW. For industrial usage you should go with one of the CHP models, but you need take into consideration that these are big boilers that require a separate storage place, not only due the size but also noise. Most of the Buderus boiler models work on oil and/or gas and most are either condense or high efficiency boilers. Both commercial and industrial boilers from Buderus Ltd require an annual check up, that can take from few hours up to a whole day work. All Buderus boilers have the lowest NOx emission- class 5. All Ecostream boilers are built from special cast iron thanks to which those models extremely resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.

Boiler installation and warranty

The installation of a Buderus boiler depends from the model and starts from half a day on on GB312 model, goes via 1-2 days GE 615 model up to a week on CHP and UT-L and UT-M models naturally depending on the total order/ installation (radiators, solar panels, etc). Buderus provides up to 5 years warranty on all models, industrial models usually come with 7 years warranty.

Advantages of replacing old boiler to the new Buderus boiler

Why to exchange your existing commercial or industrial boiler to a new Buderus model?

  1. Efficiency levels of 95-96%- completely unique quality for commercial or/and industrial use
  2. Very reliable boilers, faults appear after 10+ years or usage, sensitive only to dirt in the flue
  3. Excellent solution for domestic oil boiler models that to be used in special areas like mountains
  4. Condensing and triple pipe solutions providing further savings, proper energy usage
  5. Up to 5 years guarantee
  6. Extensive output variety providing coverage for all commercial use buildings as well as industrial (plants, office houses etc)
  7. Fast annual service
  8. Most heating and hot water solutions can be combined with Thermal Solar products


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