Buderus boiler’s pressure gauge is not working

Hello Everybody,

I have a three years old Buderus boiler. It worked well but unfortunately, now the pressure meter of my Buderus boiler has crept into a red zone suddenly. I am unable to find a connector even though I can see the pressure release key directly under a boiler. Please help me on an urgent basis.

Your suggestions will be highly appreciated



Hi Ann, try draining the towel bar radiator because it will results in reducing the existing pressure of the Buderus boiler & hopefully, letting the boiler to run with no trouble. After that, reduce the pressure of your boiler. However, if the current pressure of the Buderus boiler increases after doing all this and keeps increasing then, it simply indicates that either a filling loop is not well closed or possibly the boiler’s heat exchanger is out of order.

Buderus G115 boiler issue of smokes & puffing

Hi Guys,

I have bought and installed my Buderus G115 boiler five years ago. From last few days, the boiler is not working properly and the reason behind it is the fumes and black smokes, which are coming directly from the outlying ventilation hose whenever I turn on the boiler. What should I do?

Guide please

Thank you so much


Hi Neil, some possible reasons behind this problem along with their way out are mentioned below:

  1. Carefully check the boiler’s ventilation hose, in case it is jammed try to clean it instantly
  2. For an inadequate air flow in the ventilation hose, open it and check it properly
  3. You have to check the fan, if you notice that there is an adequate incineration air supply to the burner.
  4. Lastly, if a ventilation hose or pipe is very huge & current size is unlined then, check the size or even current condition of the ventilation hose. Call a boiler engineer and replace it if required.

Buderus GB142/45 boiler’s faulty central heating pump

Hello Experts,

My two years old Buderus GB142/45 boiler is facing a strange problem from last night. The boiler’s central heating pump is not responding and running constantly. What is wrong with the boiler? Has someone experienced a similar problem if yes then please helps me out

Waiting for your suggestions


Hi Ian, this problem is quite common in different types of the boiler. Generally, the circulating heating pump of your boiler, which is connected directly to it, runs from the printed circuit board to let the pump work properly just for few seconds as the required call for heating ends in order to remove further heating. However, in your case the Buderus boiler is transferring the desired power frequently to the heating pump. To fix this problem, it is advised to call a boiler engineer and ask him to replace the printed circuit board.

Buderus boiler’s low flow rate

Hi Everyone,

I have a seven years old Buderus boiler & I get my boiler serviced annually. Well, after doing all this, the boiler fails to respond & it is due to a strange issue i.e.  Low rate of flow. I have restarted the boiler but the problem persists. It is just an issue with the boiler’s DHW or heating which is congested due to sludge accumulation or anything else. Someone please help me

Looking forward



Hi Mark,

Keeping the above description in mind, I would like to share some potential reasons behind this problem along with the ways-out below:

The reasons are:

  • Jammed air filter of the boiler
  • Controlled pipework
  • Bad main pressure
  • Mains valve

The possible ways-out is:

  • Clean or even replace the jammed filter
  • In case of a controller pipework, try using pipework with the larger diameter
  • For bad or reduced main pressure, I would advise checking each arrow, which is placed on the boiler’s switch; the arrows should go directly in water flow’s direction.
  • For the mains valve, you can try operating and even changing it, if required

Buderus G115 boiler’s overheating issue

Hello All,

I have a Buderus G115 boiler, which is almost three years old. The boiler is turning itself off repeatedly after 2-3 minutes without any warning. I have not faced this type of problem previously. I am unable to understand the actual reason behind it. That is why I desperately need your guidance here.

Thanks for your help


Hi Anthony, I guess the problem relates to overheating and thus, I would advise you to fix this problem immediately. Be very careful and do not try to fix this problem at home, as it is a very serious matter. Firstly, it is important to check the different electrical connections of your home and then turn off the electrical supply. At times, when the few important internal parts of your Buderus boiler go through severe pressure, it automatically overheats therefore, it is better to call an experienced Buderus boiler engineer.

Buderus boiler’s clogged condensate pipe

Hello Folks,

The condensate pipes of my one-year-old Buderus boiler are blocked due to the winter season. I do not know how to fix this problem. That is why I have decided to share my problem on this platform to get some help and suggestions of the experienced people.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Roy,

Different condensing boilers like Buderus boilers have the condensate pipes as they vent dangerous gases from your home. Unluckily, it is an extremely common issue with Buderus boilers. Firstly, check the pipes for hindrances. Afterward, thaw out a condensate pipe with hot water & reset your boiler. In order to avoid this problem in the future, you have to insulate a condensate pipe by using the lagging.

Buderus GB142/45 boiler keeps locking out

Hi Everybody,

My three years old Buderus GB142/45 boiler is locking out a lot from the last three days. I have restarted the boiler in order to make it work again but all in vain. I am quite worried, as I have not faced this issue earlier. Please help me by sharing your precious views

Looking forward


Hi Ben,

A common problem with the Buderus boiler is a low pressure, which leads towards boiler lockout. The two main reasons behind it are:

  • Leakage in the boiler’s central heating system
  • Faulty pressure sensor

Depending upon the actual cause and current condition of the boiler it is better to call a proficient boiler engineer, as you cannot solve the problem on your own.

Buderus boiler no flame

Hello Guys,

I have bought my Buderus boiler two years ago. I am satisfied with the performance of the boiler. However, from last few days, I am facing a problem of no flame detection whenever I turn on the boiler. What could be a possible reason behind it? Is something serious?

Waiting for your help


Hi James,

There are different potential reasons behind it but the most expected reason is a choked pilot jet. Well, you cannot diagnose the problem easily. It is advised to call a skilled boiler engineer as the whole process of diagnosing the problem involves the dismantling of your problem in order to clean out a pilot jet & afterward reinstall it. 


Buderus G115 boiler no heating

Hi Folks,

Someone please help, heating is not working on my newly bought and installed Buderus G115 boiler from last two days. I have tried to fix it but unfortunately, the problem persists. Has someone faced the similar issue earlier if yes than please tell me the ways of fixing this issue?



Hi William,

If there is not central, heating or you are not getting the hot water then, it is likely that diverter valve is a culprit. A diverter valve helps your boiler switch between heating and hot water. Just like the gas controller fault, sometimes a diverter valve can be freed. Nevertheless, it is always better to go for a replacement if it is required. Feel free to contact us if your problem persists.

I hope that this information will help you in fixing the problem

Buderus GB142/45 boiler humming issue

Hello Everyone,

I have bought a Buderus GB142/45 boiler six years. It worked well until last night. Now, the boiler is producing a loud humming sound. It is unbearable. I have restarted the boiler many times but all in vain. I do not know what is wrong with the boiler. Should I replace the boiler? Please share your valuable suggestions.

Thanks a lot


Hi Jess, I would advise checking the following things:

  • Loose components
  • High pressure
  • A circulating heating pump which is set faster

However, it is important to mention that these are not the only problems, which can cause your boiler to hum badly but these are considered as the most common problems. You can check the above-mentioned things easily. Well, if you are still uncertain what is causing your Buderus boiler to buzz than, it is better to call an experienced boiler engineer for further help.