Buderus Boilers Guide

All Buderus oil and gas boilers for your home including parts, troubleshooting and efficiency! Buderus 500, Buderus 600, Boulter Bonus, Boulter Economy Combi and Eco System

Boulter Eco System 19/26

Boulter Eco System 19/26

Boulter Eco System 19/26-1

Boulter Eco System 19/26-2

Boulter Eco System 19/26-3

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
1SB65/95Heat Exchanger (Short Boiler only)
2HE47022C1st Baffle Top
3HE47022C2nd Baffle
4HE47073C3rd Baffle
5N/ACombustion Chamber Base Insulation
6HE47218CInspection Cover complete
7IN47201Inspection Cover Insulation (Ceraboard)
8PN47201CBase Tray
9IN49200CHeat Exchanger Insulation Set
10PN23116Heat Shield
11PN47235CDoor Panel
12PN49202Rear Casing Panel
13PN47223CLeft Side Casing Panel
14PN47224CRight Side Casing Panel
15PN31206CTop Front Panel
16PN49207CTop Rear Panel
17PN49117Side Panel Blanking Plate
18PN49108Blanking Plate
20PN57050CControl Panel Complete
213748355Riello Burner Complete Type
23RP47001Burner Airduct
24PN47214CSide Panel Bracer
26PN47118CSide Flue Plate
13008652Control Box 535RSE/LD
23007162O Ring
33008653Filter O Ring
43007582Needle Valve
63000439Pump Seal
73008649Protection Cover
103008768Blast Tube
10A3008859Blast Tube (484T50)
113007513Electrode Assembly
11A3008860Electrode Assembly (484T50)
123006552Electrode Bracket
133008642Nozzle Holder
13A3008861Nozzle Holder (484T50)
143007178O Ring
153008543Collar (Includes O Rings)
15A3008862Collar (484T50)
213008647Air Damper Assembly
223008794High Voltage Lead
243008646Photo Electric Cell
253007479Capacitor 4µF
263008863Burner Lead
273008879Burner Cover
283008877Solenoid Lead
293008877Air Box Seal KIT
293008878Fan Box Seal KIT
293008878O Ring Seal KIT
313008876Pressure Gauge Extension
323008875Electrode Clamp (484T50)
1206381Double Check Valve
2206381Filling Loop
3206381Mains Water Shut Off Valve
4EL 49012Circulating Pump
5BS 31004Pressure Gauge
626775Pressure Relief Valve
7207291Expansion Vessel (10l.)
7BS 49010Expansion Vessel (12l.)
8207292Flexible Hose c/w Washers
9HE 49001CExpansion Vessel Bracket
10EL 49022Isolating Valve
11BS 49051C1st Flow Pipe Assy.
12BS 49052C2nd Flow Pipe Assy.
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