Buderus Boilers Guide

All Buderus oil and gas boilers for your home including parts, troubleshooting and efficiency! Buderus 500, Buderus 600, Boulter Bonus, Boulter Economy Combi and Eco System

Buderus 500 28C

Buderus 500 28C

Buderus 500 28C-1

IDParts NumberParts DescriptionNotesPurchase
378145Grommet cover
573640sFan seal (set of 5 pc.)
673210Gas injector 2E
773645Gas valve
97357450mm seal
1073646Air silencer tube
1173756sGas/air supply valve
137746900411Service set GLE complete (also
includes item 5, 11, 14, 16, 23,
24, 25, 27, 68 and 92)
148718600197Burner seal (set of 2 pc.)
1673728Heat exchanger - Gas/air supply seal
178718600023Backside heat exchanger
188718600021Gasket heat exchanger
1973659Heat exchanger
206718600141Frontside heat exchanger
2173662Sight glass
2273670Combustion divider
238718600054Ignition unit
2438320Ionisation electrode
2573666sIonisation electrode seal (set of 2 pc.)
27Bracket ionisation electrode and glow ignitor ( 2 pc.)
2978120Concentric adapter
3078121100 mm Lipring
317356360 mm seal (bottom flue gas pipe)
3278122Flue gas pipe
337373660 mm seal (top flue gas pipe)
3473579Flue gas pipe seal
3587105062670Flue gas thermostat (STL) (push in type)
3673630Condensate collector
377746900187Condensate trap
3873583Connection return
398718600028Gas pipe
4073672Connection supply
4138618Automatic airvent
4273582sSpring heat exchanger
4373580sO-ring heat exchanger (set of 10 pc.)
4473584sHeat exchanger seal (set of 2 pc.)
4578154Safety sensor
4678130Supply pipe
467746900068Supply pipe
4778142Pump Uper 15-50
4878133Connection return pipe
4978132Return pipe
5078165Connection return combi
5173685Internal mechanism three-way valve
5273686Servomotor three-way valve
5373687Securing pin of the servomotor
5478134Discharge pipe of pressure relief valve
55a78198Pressure relief valve 3 bar
55b78202Key to Pressure relief valve 3 bar
5778135Expansion vessel pipe
5878163Expansion vessel
5978167Connection plate heat exchanger
6078138DHW flow regulator
6178137DHW flow sensor
6278166Connection supply combi
6378136Flow sensor
647746900854Mounting button
6578144Plate heat exchanger
6678158sO-ring (set of 10 pc.)
6778156sClips (set of 2x3 pc.)
687746900412Burner thermostat
6978161CH connector
7078162Sanitary connector
717746900063DBA 24/S and 28/C
7273660Power switch
737746900064Cable harness
7473653sClips (set of 5 pc.)
7573056sClips (set of 5 pc.)
7673463Condensate trap seal
7773638sDrainpipe seal (set of 5 pc.)
7878151sO-ring (set of 10 pc.)
7978152sO-ring small (set of 10 pc.)
8078177O-ring 73 x 5
8178178O-ring 48.9 x 2.62
8278157sO-ring (set of 10 pc.)
8378181sScrew + screwcase (set of 2 pc.)
8478139Drain plug
857746900067CH return pipe
8638472sO-ring (set of 10 pc.)
8715002s¾" Seal (set of 10 pc.)
8838478sO-ring (set of 10 pc.)
8978174Cover seal
9173642sO-ring (set of 2x2 pc.)
928718600045Seal (set of 10 pc.)
9373527s1" Seal (set of 5 pc.)
9473901Casing lock
9578150Cut off cock with pressure gauge
9675962Valve Sanitary Hot
9778201Gas valve
9875963Valve Sanitary Cold
9975964Valve CH return
10073490sSpring (set of 5 pc.)
10178164sSpring Hydroframe (set of 5 pc.)
10215033s½" Seal (set of 10 pc.)
10373527s1" Seal (set of 5 pc.)
10473784Connection set combi
10778200Receiver bracket
10875972Wall-spacing frame
10973531Spring gaspipe (set of 5 pc.)
11073734LPG kit 24 kW - 28 kW
11138434sO-ring sensor (set of 10 pc.)
11273729sO-ring 16x2 pressure relief valve (set of 10 pc.)
11373739sFuse 2.5 AT (DBA) (set of 10 pc.)
11478153sO-ring (large) flow sensor (set of 10 pc.)
11578175sO-ring 9.19 x 2.62 sensor supply/return (set of 10 pc.)
11678179sScrew 4 x 20 Hydroframe (set of 5 pc.)
11778180sScrew M5 x 30 Pump (set of 5 pc.)


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