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Buderus Boiler GB142/45 problems with ignition

Hi All,

I have a 6 years old Buderus boiler model GB142/45 that I use or rather used for both heating and domestic water. Today it stopped working. I went to see what is going on and I can see the error message 6A, which I checked in the manual stands for ignition issue. I tried restarting and then I saw that the boilers starts normal ignition operation, the flame is there for about 2 seconds and then stops. Any idea what may be wrong?


Hi Jim,

I am not sure that there is sth wrong with your boiler, it rather looks like lack of gas. If boiler can ignite but can’t keep the flame either the gas pressure is to low, power supply not proper or there needs to be a blockage between mains and the boiler. I suggest you check on those first, before you start to replace different parts in your boiler. Buderus boilers are known as very sensitive to gas/power supply. 


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