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Buderus starting problems

Hi Folks

I have a┬áBuderas boiler equipped with a Reillo Burner at my winter-house. I go to this house for 3-5 weeks late autumn or mid winter. Every time I arive at his house I switch on a boiler and fill in the system with water. After switching on the boiler burner starts and stops many times- like boiler wouldn’t be able to properly ignite. I usually restart it 3-5 times within 2 -3 hours and finally it picks up the operation, but I am sort of worried what will be once it doesn’t. Boiler is almost 3 years old and I last time I exchanged the fuel and the filter- not much changed. Any idea what may be causing this situation and is there a solution to it?

Thanks a lot for help


Hi Tom,

Is it happening only once a boiler was off for a while and then it works normally for the time of your stay there? Or it repeats every day or so? I think there is a piece of dirt somewhere in the system. What I think you boiler needs is not only a clean fuel and a filter, that you’ve already exchanged, but simple system cleaning, and after that is done remember to vacuum the boiler once a year



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