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Buderus boiler leaking

Hi All,

I have a Buderus oil boiler and today morning I realized that there is no hot water. Went down to see what is going on at the boiler and I simply stepped into the puddle of water. I tried to determine where is this leakage coming from and it looks like from the pipe in the back of the boiler. Can someone help with telling how to fix this, how to exchange this pipe? I have no money now to call a technician… there was one here 2 weeks ago for annual service and then everything was fine, he just re-filled the system. I can constantly hear the leaking sound

Thanks a lot


Hi Ben,

Most probably the pipe you mention at the back is the blow off line from your pressure relief valve. Normally relief valve¬†would leak if/when the pressure is to high- maybe your technician put a bit to much water into the system. Alternatively you will need to replace the device that controls water pressure in the system. In your position I would call the technician back saying you have this problem and you suspect it has sth in-common with the system re-fill he’d done 2 weeks ago.¬†

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