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Buderus boiler heating control problem

Hello Folks,
I have bought my Buderus boiler two years ago. It worked well but nowadays I am facing numerous problems concerning the heating control of the boiler. As the hot water & heating system lights are on to turn it on nothing come about. Here, I would like to share that few minutes ago boiler worked pretty well but, just on the programmed settings. However, now it has refused to work properly even on the programmed settings. What is the matter? Should I replace it?
Thanks in advance
Hello Smith, firstly I would checking the boiler’s diverter valve. The heating pump & Buderus boiler need to be held together appropriately on a sole thus, you should check that either the boiler’s diverter valve is providing the desired power to the pump & boiler or not. You can call an expert boiler engineer for investigating the boiler in detail.

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