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Buderus boiler fires up randomly

Hello Everyone,

I have bought the Buderus boiler two years ago. The problem, which I am going to share, sounds quite weird. The boiler fires up randomly even though the pilot light is always set on fire. Apart from this, the boiler’s pressure is on the recommended bars and its central heating pump is running properly. Any idea what the actual reason is?



Hi Nick, firstly I would advise checking the ignition socket of the boiler either it worked properly or not. As you turn on your boiler, a spark allows the boiler to fire. After checking the ignition socket, check the convertor & secondary current. A current has to around volts 15000-20000 for activating an ignition socket. If it is at the set volts then your boiler will fire up easily. If, you notice that spark is not produced then, you need to buy & fix a new ignition converter.

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