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Buderus Boiler loud ignition of the burner

Hello Folks,

I have installed a Buderus boiler one year ago. Everything was right but now the burner of the boiler makes a loud noise while catching the fire. I have restarted the boiler to make it work again but no progress. I am unable to find out the real cause so someone please help

Thank you so much


Hi Farley, this issue is very common in the Buderus boilers. You are facing this issue due to main reasons i.e.

  • High pressure of the required gas supply
  • Faulty gas and air adjustment
  • Weak spark & incorrect ignition gap

You can fix them easily like, for right gas supply pressure call a Buderus boiler engineer or gas company, for faulty gas and air adjustment you have to check & verify the settings accordingly, for the issue of weak spark, do check an ignition opening and finally for incorrect ignition gap, immediately change the pin of ignition.

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