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Buderus GB142/45 boiler humming issue

Hello Everyone,

I have bought a Buderus GB142/45 boiler six years. It worked well until last night. Now, the boiler is producing a loud humming sound. It is unbearable. I have restarted the boiler many times but all in vain. I do not know what is wrong with the boiler. Should I replace the boiler? Please share your valuable suggestions.

Thanks a lot


Hi Jess, I would advise checking the following things:

  • Loose components
  • High pressure
  • A circulating heating pump which is set faster

However, it is important to mention that these are not the only problems, which can cause your boiler to hum badly but these are considered as the most common problems. You can check the above-mentioned things easily. Well, if you are still uncertain what is causing your Buderus boiler to buzz than, it is better to call an experienced boiler engineer for further help.

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