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Buderus Boiler G115 out of control for heating

Hi Guys,

I have  a Buderus boiler model G115, and it is almost 6 years old- not covered by the warranty. I have no heating from yesterday, I went to check what is wrong with the boiler and I can see that control panel display the message “DHW PROD ERR” I restarted the boiler. After this when opening the taps I could hear the DHW pump, but I can’t hear the loop pump at all- I mean in the last 24 hours, even when control panel indicated that it is working- there is no sound associated with it.  Any idea what may the problem?



Hi Rob, 

The heating pump would operate if there is a call from the room thermostat. It looks to me that you will need to get this one exchanged. If I were in your shoes I would check the connection of the room thermostat first- if it looks fine, I would do the full boiler reset to the factory values, if none of this work, replace the room thermostat and check all new connections



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