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Buderus boiler’s low flow rate

Hi Everyone,

I have a seven years old Buderus boiler & I get my boiler serviced annually. Well, after doing all this, the boiler fails to respond & it is due to a strange issue i.e.  Low rate of flow. I have restarted the boiler but the problem persists. It is just an issue with the boiler’s DHW or heating which is congested due to sludge accumulation or anything else. Someone please help me

Looking forward



Hi Mark,

Keeping the above description in mind, I would like to share some potential reasons behind this problem along with the ways-out below:

The reasons are:

  • Jammed air filter of the boiler
  • Controlled pipework
  • Bad main pressure
  • Mains valve

The possible ways-out is:

  • Clean or even replace the jammed filter
  • In case of a controller pipework, try using pipework with the larger diameter
  • For bad or reduced main pressure, I would advise checking each arrow, which is placed on the boiler’s switch; the arrows should go directly in water flow’s direction.
  • For the mains valve, you can try operating and even changing it, if required
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