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Buderus GB142/45 boiler’s faulty central heating pump

Hello Experts,

My two years old Buderus GB142/45 boiler is facing a strange problem from last night. The boiler’s central heating pump is not responding and running constantly. What is wrong with the boiler? Has someone experienced a similar problem if yes then please helps me out

Waiting for your suggestions


Hi Ian, this problem is quite common in different types of the boiler. Generally, the circulating heating pump of your boiler, which is connected directly to it, runs from the printed circuit board to let the pump work properly just for few seconds as the required call for heating ends in order to remove further heating. However, in your case the Buderus boiler is transferring the desired power frequently to the heating pump. To fix this problem, it is advised to call a boiler engineer and ask him to replace the printed circuit board.

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