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Buderus G115 boiler issue of smokes & puffing

Hi Guys,

I have bought and installed my Buderus G115 boiler five years ago. From last few days, the boiler is not working properly and the reason behind it is the fumes and black smokes, which are coming directly from the outlying ventilation hose whenever I turn on the boiler. What should I do?

Guide please

Thank you so much


Hi Neil, some possible reasons behind this problem along with their way out are mentioned below:

  1. Carefully check the boiler’s ventilation hose, in case it is jammed try to clean it instantly
  2. For an inadequate air flow in the ventilation hose, open it and check it properly
  3. You have to check the fan, if you notice that there is an adequate incineration air supply to the burner.
  4. Lastly, if a ventilation hose or pipe is very huge & current size is unlined then, check the size or even current condition of the ventilation hose. Call a boiler engineer and replace it if required.
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