Buderus boiler leaking

Hi All,

I have a Buderus oil boiler and today morning I realized that there is no hot water. Went down to see what is going on at the boiler and I simply stepped into the puddle of water. I tried to determine where is this leakage coming from and it looks like from the pipe in the back of the boiler. Can someone help with telling how to fix this, how to exchange this pipe? I have no money now to call a technician… there was one here 2 weeks ago for annual service and then everything was fine, he just re-filled the system. I can constantly hear the leaking sound

Thanks a lot


Hi Ben,

Most probably the pipe you mention at the back is the blow off line from your pressure relief valve. Normally relief valve would leak if/when the pressure is to high- maybe your technician put a bit to much water into the system. Alternatively you will need to replace the device that controls water pressure in the system. In your position I would call the technician back saying you have this problem and you suspect it has sth in-common with the system re-fill he’d done 2 weeks ago. 

Burderus gas boiler no hot water


I have a Buderus boiler model G124K/25. It is 15 years old, but we have never had any problems with it. Annual service once per year and everything worked fine, we never thought of replacing it… until last weeks when we observed that the gas has been shutting off while the pump stays on. Temperature drops and the boiler doesn’t try to ignite again, we can achieve it by resetting manually. I have no idea what may be the issue, but maybe someone here can help?


Hi Mark,

Would you please check the value of the water pressure on the boiler pressure gauge? This value should always be around 1.5 bar. Once it gets closer and closer to 0.5 bar boiler will switch off, but you will still be able to reset it and it will pick up the operation. Once pressure value gets under 0.5 bar your boiler won’t ignite at all or will ignite, but will display number of overheating error messages. Try refilling the system by using the directions from the troubleshooting part of this website

Buderus Boiler GB142/45 problems with ignition

Hi All,

I have a 6 years old Buderus boiler model GB142/45 that I use or rather used for both heating and domestic water. Today it stopped working. I went to see what is going on and I can see the error message 6A, which I checked in the manual stands for ignition issue. I tried restarting and then I saw that the boilers starts normal ignition operation, the flame is there for about 2 seconds and then stops. Any idea what may be wrong?


Hi Jim,

I am not sure that there is sth wrong with your boiler, it rather looks like lack of gas. If boiler can ignite but can’t keep the flame either the gas pressure is to low, power supply not proper or there needs to be a blockage between mains and the boiler. I suggest you check on those first, before you start to replace different parts in your boiler. Buderus boilers are known as very sensitive to gas/power supply. 


Buderus starting problems

Hi Folks

I have a Buderas boiler equipped with a Reillo Burner at my winter-house. I go to this house for 3-5 weeks late autumn or mid winter. Every time I arive at his house I switch on a boiler and fill in the system with water. After switching on the boiler burner starts and stops many times- like boiler wouldn’t be able to properly ignite. I usually restart it 3-5 times within 2 -3 hours and finally it picks up the operation, but I am sort of worried what will be once it doesn’t. Boiler is almost 3 years old and I last time I exchanged the fuel and the filter- not much changed. Any idea what may be causing this situation and is there a solution to it?

Thanks a lot for help


Hi Tom,

Is it happening only once a boiler was off for a while and then it works normally for the time of your stay there? Or it repeats every day or so? I think there is a piece of dirt somewhere in the system. What I think you boiler needs is not only a clean fuel and a filter, that you’ve already exchanged, but simple system cleaning, and after that is done remember to vacuum the boiler once a year



Buderus Boiler G115 out of control for heating

Hi Guys,

I have  a Buderus boiler model G115, and it is almost 6 years old- not covered by the warranty. I have no heating from yesterday, I went to check what is wrong with the boiler and I can see that control panel display the message “DHW PROD ERR” I restarted the boiler. After this when opening the taps I could hear the DHW pump, but I can’t hear the loop pump at all- I mean in the last 24 hours, even when control panel indicated that it is working- there is no sound associated with it.  Any idea what may the problem?



Hi Rob, 

The heating pump would operate if there is a call from the room thermostat. It looks to me that you will need to get this one exchanged. If I were in your shoes I would check the connection of the room thermostat first- if it looks fine, I would do the full boiler reset to the factory values, if none of this work, replace the room thermostat and check all new connections