Buderus GB142/45 boiler is not responding


My four years old Buderus boiler is not working from the last few days. After trying the different things, I am here to share my problem with you people. I hope that someone will help me

Looking for your valuable suggestions


Hi Mark,

Firstly, do check the current electrical supply of the house. Afterwards, examine the plug power point with the help of different plugs. Later, you can use a multimeter in order to check an electrical power all over the circuit of your boiler. In case, it does not help you then, printed circuit board is to blame. On a safe side, call a Buderus boiler engineer.


Buderus Boiler loud ignition of the burner

Hello Folks,

I have installed a Buderus boiler one year ago. Everything was right but now the burner of the boiler makes a loud noise while catching the fire. I have restarted the boiler to make it work again but no progress. I am unable to find out the real cause so someone please help

Thank you so much


Hi Farley, this issue is very common in the Buderus boilers. You are facing this issue due to main reasons i.e.

  • High pressure of the required gas supply
  • Faulty gas and air adjustment
  • Weak spark & incorrect ignition gap

You can fix them easily like, for right gas supply pressure call a Buderus boiler engineer or gas company, for faulty gas and air adjustment you have to check & verify the settings accordingly, for the issue of weak spark, do check an ignition opening and finally for incorrect ignition gap, immediately change the pin of ignition.

Buderus G115 boiler circulation error

Hi All,

Someone please help, as I am very upset because of my four Buderus G115 boiler. Basically, both the required hot water & heating does not work. In order to fix the problem, I have tried restarting the boiler but unfortunately all in vain. What else should I do?

I shall be very thankful to you


Hi Albert, from the above-shared information I have concluded that the boiler is having a circulation error. Generally, the circulation error on the Buderus boilers is because of an out of order pump. The central heating pump may well stop behaving properly when it faces two main problems i.e. poorly installed central heating pump and seized pump tube. It is advised to call a boiler engineer for further help.

Buderus Boiler Irregular Pattern of Heating

Hello Everybody,

I have a two years old Buderus boiler who does not follow any fix pattern of heating. This problem is getting out of my control that is why I am here to get some help and guidance. Sometimes, I get the heating at night when there is no need of heating. What is wrong with my boiler? The boiler is under warranty so should I call a service center?



Hi Barker,

The only way is to call a Buderus boiler engineer for replacing a motor-powered valve head. On the other hand, you have to try draining your boiler & replacing the controller before toping ups the boiler & adding inhibitor. At times, it is possible to just replace the synchron motor on a valve.

Buderus G115 boiler faulty printed circuit board

Hi Guys,

My newly bought and installed Buderus G115 boiler is not working properly as its printed circuit board is not responding since few days. Likewise, the boiler’s display board is not getting the required power. What should be done to fix this annoying problem?

Thanks a lot for your help


Hi Paul,

The most important part of your Buderus boiler is printed circuit board due to its exclusive job of managing and controlling the various electronic gadgets of the boiler. Well, it is extremely tough for you to find errors in the Buderus boiler’s printed circuit board because of the never-ending things, which are held accountable behind this issue. The suggested method is to ask for help and advice from a competent Buderus boiler engineer.

Buderus boiler fires up randomly

Hello Everyone,

I have bought the Buderus boiler two years ago. The problem, which I am going to share, sounds quite weird. The boiler fires up randomly even though the pilot light is always set on fire. Apart from this, the boiler’s pressure is on the recommended bars and its central heating pump is running properly. Any idea what the actual reason is?



Hi Nick, firstly I would advise checking the ignition socket of the boiler either it worked properly or not. As you turn on your boiler, a spark allows the boiler to fire. After checking the ignition socket, check the convertor & secondary current. A current has to around volts 15000-20000 for activating an ignition socket. If it is at the set volts then your boiler will fire up easily. If, you notice that spark is not produced then, you need to buy & fix a new ignition converter.

Buderus GB142/45 boiler hissing sounds

Hi Everyone,

Some strange sounds are coming out from my three years old Buderus GB142/45 boiler from last few hours. I have tried to find out the exact reason behind it after reading the user guide but no success. Is it something serious?

Thanks in Advance


Hi James,

Actually, hard salts have deeply precipitated on the heat exchanger’s surface thus; causing a very thin layer of the scale or else these has been an inflow of other problem causing deposit into your boiler. You can add a noise-dropping chemical. In extreme cases, you can remove sludge and scale from the whole system with the help of a suitable cleaner. It will ensure that your boiler is free of debris.

Buderus boiler’s expansion tank is faulty

Hello All,

The expansion tank of my one-year-old Buderus boiler is overflowing from last two days. I do not know the actual reason but I am also getting the hot water. Someone please tell me that what should I do to make the boiler work again properly.

Looking for the sincere views


Hi Craig,

If the expansion tank of your Buderus boiler is leaking water towards the outside then, it might be due to the faulty ballcock, which needs a washer replacement. However primarily, examine to see that if the water is cold or hot. In case it is hot, take it seriously, as it could be something extremely serious. It is as simple & easy as replacing a ballcock washer nevertheless, if you notice that cylinder is faulty then, it is better to seek advice from a boiler engineer.

Buderus G115 boiler faulty radiators


I have a Buderus G115 boiler & now it is approximately five years old. From last night, I am not getting the required hot water. I instantly doubted that radiators had some problem. When I checked them, I noticed that one radiator is extremely hot at the bottom & cold at a top. How can I fix it at home?



Hi Rob,

Your problem regarding radiator is might be because of air-buildup, rusty pipes or a problem with the central heating pump like the required hot water is not circulating properly. It is recommended to bleed the radiators but, with the help of skilled boiler engineer in order to remove the trapped air. In case, it does not solve the issue of heating, power flush is mandatory.

Buderus boiler heating control problem

Hello Folks,
I have bought my Buderus boiler two years ago. It worked well but nowadays I am facing numerous problems concerning the heating control of the boiler. As the hot water & heating system lights are on to turn it on nothing come about. Here, I would like to share that few minutes ago boiler worked pretty well but, just on the programmed settings. However, now it has refused to work properly even on the programmed settings. What is the matter? Should I replace it?
Thanks in advance
Hello Smith, firstly I would checking the boiler’s diverter valve. The heating pump & Buderus boiler need to be held together appropriately on a sole thus, you should check that either the boiler’s diverter valve is providing the desired power to the pump & boiler or not. You can call an expert boiler engineer for investigating the boiler in detail.